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EdgeSentry is designed for Security, Building Automation and Industrial networks – any network that has a high proportion of fixed purpose IoT devices. Use EdgeSentry to detect in real time unknown/unauthorized devices, devices that stop communicating, off network communications or changes to the network topology.

Is your network secured and supervised? EdgeSentry provides OSI layer 2 and layer 3 security, with monitoring for unauthorized devices, unauthorized connections between devices and connections to off-LAN addresses. Each device is supervised for network activity, ping or SNMP connectivity. Know the instant there is a problem on your network even if it is using unmanaged switches.

The EdgeSentry ES200 offers:

  • Active Security
  • Network Hardening

The ES200 uses an active interface to the site's managed switches.

... and EdgeSentry is easy to install.

EdgeSentry Security Context

Every security site has a unique balance of security risks and security factors that make up the site’s security context. A security product can only be understood or judged in relation to a site's security context.

EdgeSentry Provides:

  • Network Intrusion Detection at Layer 2 and 3 of the OSI Model
  • MAC Authentication
  • Device monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Monitoring of off-LAN network connections

EdgeSentry does not address:

  • Risks from email and web surfing (these should be eliminated from a security network entirely or at least tightly controlled)
  • Enforced use of strong passwords on security devices
  • Risks from a poorly configured internet firewall

A detailed security posture for EdgeSentry is available by emailing: “Security Posture” to john@lmnsoftwarecorp.com